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          1. 逐鹿市場,品質求發展。我們的品質政策就是:精細管理,提供客戶優質的產品;精益求精:追求零缺陷的最高榮譽。企業從原材料采購、生產過程、檢測、運輸等整個環節嚴把質量關,把產品的質量視為企業的生命,力爭把標準、專業、完美貼心、扎實、可靠的產品奉獻給客戶,在市場上樹立"鋒利值得信賴"的美譽。


            Competing in the market, quality ask for development. Our quality policies are:precision management, which is providing high quality products; striving for excellence. Enterprise runs purchasing, production, detection and transportation under the strict supervision.We watch the quality of our products as enterprise's life. Enterprise strives to give customers a standard, professional, perfect, solid and reliable product.We establish a "Fengli can be trust" reputation in the market.




            Strict production process, strict quality management system.

            Quality reflects our works, preeminent quality refuses mediocrity. Meticulous, standardized management system and systematized quality guarantee system make the quality of Fengli medical equipment get up to the top of medical treatment cause. Enterprise is working with other co-workers to make our products and service to be a perfection.


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