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          1. 江陰市醫療器械有限公司創辦于1968年,是一家具實力的專業研制、生產和銷售一次性醫療器械的現代化企業。








            Jiangyin Medical Devices Co.,Ltd was founded in 1968, it is a modern enterprise that has actual strength on developing, producing and selling disposable medical instrument.

            The main products are: disposable syringe, infusion set, disposable needle,scalp vein set, orthopedic casting tape, masks, hats, medical infusion stick, vaginal dilator, medical burn ointment and drainage bag.

            The enterprise sets at 698 zhencheng road of jiangyin harbour economic development district. It covers 14800 square meters, the floor area is 15800 square meters, outside purification is 13500 square meters. It has four lines of center air purification systems. The main production systems and the detecting instruments have reached the international standard.

            After forty years development, enterprise is succeeded on self-reforms. Enterprise also wins the ability of market competition

            Enterprise strict according to the ISO13485,YY/T0287,YY0033 standard to build the quality management system. Enterprise effective controls the raw material, production process, and products detection. That greatly enhances the acceptability and safety of production. That can keep the product quality on a good stability all the time. The annual productivity is about 100 million disposable sterilized syringes, 150 million disposable sterile injectors, 50 million infusion sets, 80 million disposable venous infusion needles, 200 thousand orthopedic casting tapes, and 180 million disposable masks.

            Enterprise has passed the ISO13485 and CE international quality system and production certificate. A number of the product "Fengli"has been listed on the recommend products of CAME. It has a high position and influence in China. The products are sold in whole China and exported to the various countries in the world, especially Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

            "Line will be far from Er, the endless pursuit." Enterprise will always keep innovation, and find new chance to exploit enterprise's advantages to the full. Reinforce all kinds of the elements in the Enterprise to optimize allocation of resources. After through the cooperation with foreign manufacturers at production, learning, development, experience, skill and trade, enterprise constantly reinforces the brand effect and social image of product "Fengli". Enterprise will do it's best to help the development of medical and health services.


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